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When The Muzak’s Over…

When The Muzak's OverI saw on yesterday that Muzak, you know the good people who sterilized music so that it was suitable for elevators, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  What surprised me more than the company filing bankruptcy, was the fact that the company was still around.  I just assumed that satellite radio, digital radio, internet radio, and other assorted technologies had long since killed the company off.

It was funny to read this, as last week I was trying to explain the concept of elevator music to my daughter.  We were walking through a grocery store, listening to Jack Johnson play through the store sound system.  As we were singing along,  I said to my wife “remember when we were little and the grocery store just played elevator music and those mysterious beep noises that seemed to be using morse code to tell people something.”  At which point my daughter demanded an explanation of the term “elevator music.”  I did my best to explain it, but it was tough as most elevators don’t even play elevator music anymore.

Seeing this story took me back to the good old days of being a high school kid and hearing horrible elevator renditions of my favorite music while I bussed tables at O’brien’s restaurant.  The music was very safe.  So safe, that it basically went unheard by most of our patrons.  Reading the article on CNN it sounds like Muzak might be back once they get things settled down and rearragned a little (hey, just like what they do with music).

Perhaps we will hear from Muzak again.  Still, will anyone notice or care when the Muzak’s over?  Will you miss it?

Muzak files for bankruptcy –