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Where does your Senator Stand on Net Neutrality?

Below is the text of an important email I received from – a group fighting to keep the internet out of the hands of big telecom companies like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon. The site has made it simple to find out if your elected official is on the side of the people or simply shilling for big business. They explain it much better than I, so I am just pasting the email below. Please take action. Internet Neutrality is important, and you can make a difference.

Net neutrality supporters are gearing up against a Senate vote on Sen. Ted “The Internet is a Series of Tubes” Stevens‘ telecommunications bill (S 2686). This bad bill fails to protect Net Neutrality. To preserve Internet freedom, we need to be sure that this bill gets overhauled or stopped in its tracks.

Today, we launched a Senate map that makes it ridiculously easy to a) figure out where your Senators stand, and b) urge them to take a public stance in support of Internet freedom. The goal is to get as many senators on the record as possible before any vote on the Senate floor. You (and your readers) can help the cause by checking out the map and flooding the Senate with calls.

July is a pivotal month. The Senate leadership won’t schedule a vote on Stevens’ bad bill unless 60 senators say they’ll vote for it. Now’s the time to call senators and tell them to support Net Neutrality instead — and to oppose last-ditch industry efforts to push through a bill that more and more Americans are turning against.

We’re not the only ones who’ve been busy; there’s lots of creative work being produced in support of Net Neutrality. Check out this techno remix of Sen. Stevens’ recent speech, a slew of new clips on the videos page and other artistic output at the blog.

We need more creativity like this to call attention to what the telcos are trying to get away with — but eventually it all boils down to what the Senate does. So don’t forget to check out the map, call your Senators, and encourage your friends/readers to do the same.

With your help, we can match the millions of dollars spent by AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth with millions of citizens speaking up for Internet freedom.

Tim Karr

By the way, since most of my readers live in Ohio, here is the link to the Ohio Senators Page. As of July 12th, Neither Ohio Senator has taken a position on this issue, meaning that your feedback is important.

  • Call Sen. DeWine now at 202-224-2315
  • Call Sen. Voinovich now at 202-224-3353

Urge Senators DeWine and Voinovich to protect Net Neutrality, which prevents the largest phone and cable companies from turning the Internet into their private tollway. Urge them to vote NO on Senator Stevens’ telecommunications bill (S. 2686) unless real Net Neutrality language is added that prohibits network operators from discriminating against content and creating a tiered Internet.Save the Internet